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BrisbanePoolInspections is run buy the Professional Inspectors at Brisbane Pool Fence Inspections & Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections. We Specialise in Pool Safety Compliance in Brisbane?. The team at BeSafePoolFenceInspections have conducted over 4400 pool fence inspections in Brisbane since the introduciton of the new pool safety legislation in December 2010. As you're probably alreay aware, the Queensland Government has made it compolsury to get your pool fence inspected by a licensed pool safety inspector prior to leasing or at time of sale.

As experienced and licensed Swimming Pool Safety Inspectors in Brisbane, we want to help you obtain your pool safety certificate as fast as possible. To arrange an inspection call 1300 677 665 or Book an inspection online using our online pool safety inspection Brisbane booking page. We service every suburb in Brisbane and a select areas on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Pool Safety Inspections in Brisbane are now required to have a pool safety certifcate when sold or leased. Once certified, residential non-hared pool safety certificates will be valid for 2 years and shared pools for 1 year. We specialise in pool safety inspections in Brisbane and can provide you with the certificate of compliance required to sell or lease your property in Queensland. This form is also known as a FORM 23

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Brisbane pool inspections are conducted by fully trained and licenced pool inspectors. After your pool is inspected, you will be provided with a pool safety certifcate or certificate of compliance. Download our pricelist here: Brisbane Pool Inspection Price List 2013-14

Over 3000 Pool Safety Inspections conducted since Dec 2010. Experience Counts!

Experienced pool safety inspectors in Brisbane are few and far between. It's very important when selecting a pool inspector to ask them Questions before you book your inspection: Are you licensed?Who will be inspecting my pool? What is their license number? How many inspections have they conducted? and what you get for your money. Some inspectors won't even provide a pool safety inspection report or use cheap contractors who are only paid a fraction of what you pay.

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Do you need a Pool Safety Inspection for your property in Brisbane?
No, if you are just a home owner not planing on selling or leasing your property a pool safety certificate is not required. You should however ensure that your pool is listed on the Queensland Pool Safety Register.

Yes, If you're selling or leasing property with a pool in the Brisbane area you will be affected by the Queensland Pool Laws, which took effect in December 2010. Once certified by a licensed pool safety inspector in Brisbane you will receive a pool safety certificate also know as a FORM 23 will be valid for a period of 2 years for all private residential non-shared pools.

However if you own or manage a shared pool in a Hotel, Resort, Motel, Backpackers, Hostel, Caravan park or block of units in Brisbane. You're pool safety certificate will only be valid for 12 months and must be renewed yearly.

Brisbane Pool Safety Inspections or as many people call them "Pool Fence Inspections" or just "Pool Inspections" can be easily arranged by calling the experienced, licensed and fully insured Brisbane pool safety inspectors at BeSafePoolFenceInspections.

All shared pools & spas accociated with long-term accommodation have until 31 November 2012 to obtain a pool safety certificate.

If you live in the Brisbane region, you can book a pool safety Inspection Onlne using this link

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Pool Fence Laws

In December 2010 Queensland introduced Australias toughest pool fencing legislation. the new laws were introduced in an attempt to prevent downings in backyard pools and spas caused by non-complaint pool fences.

Residents in Brisbane are suject to the latest pool fence laws if selling or leasing a property with a pool or spa.

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Home Pools

Brisbane Home owners with non-shared pools must ensure their pool fence complies with the latest pool fence standards by Dec 2015 unless selling or leasing prior.

Pool Safety Certificates issued on non-shared pools or spas in Brisbane are valid for 2 years from date of issue.

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Commercial Pools

All Commercial operators including all shared pools at Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Backpackers, home child care centres, Caravan Parks and Body Corporates managing short-term & long term accommodation such as unit blocks and highrises.

Pool Safety Certifiates issued on shared pools in Brisbane are valid for 1 year.

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Real Estate Agents

Property Mangers in Brisbane must ensure any properties they have on their rent role with a pool or spa have a complaint pool fence. Properties without a pool safety certificate in Brisbane must obtain a fence compliance certificate prior to any tenancy of that property.

Exceptions include units/townhouses with shared pools part of a body corporate.

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